Media coverage – Global warming and climate change:

what Australia knew and buried… then framed a new reality for the public


Australia was ready to act on climate 25 years ago, so what happened next?

“In 1990 Bob Hawke announced his government wanted the country to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by the year 2005….

Taylor’s book recalls how Australia was working its way towards a detailed plan to deliver Hawke’s proposal. State governments had response strategies in place. Politicians were largely on board. So was the fourth estate. The public understood the science and the huge risks of not acting.

Now, a quarter of a century later, climate change has been turned into a toxic political football. Scientists have their integrity attacked on a daily basis.”

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– Readfearn, The Guardian Australia, 6 August 2015 

 This Veteran Climate Scientist Advised Three Australian Prime Ministers. What Would He Say To Tony Abbott?

“Taylor’s book looks at how so called “free market” think tanks worked in tandem with the fossil fuel industries to reshape climate change and global warming in the eyes of the Australian public.

‘It all went wrong with the impost of neoliberal economics starting with Paul Keating,’ Pearman tells me.

As the book recounts, under Keating a false dichotomy was put before the Australian people — that you couldn’t have action on environmental issues and have a strong economy.” 

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– Readfearn,, 17 August 2015