Nick Goldie – book review

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by Nick Goldie, for the Cooma Monaro Express Maria Taylor is a journalist and documentary film maker of wide experience, and her book What Australia Knew and Buried reflects her intelligent and tireless investigative skills. The book is nominally about climate science, but in fact the main theme is how we have changed, as a […]

Alan Pears – full review

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by Alan Pears, environmental consultant and RMIT lecturer Why the climate change message changed in Australia This book is an essential read for anyone with a serious interest in the history of Australian climate policy and the lessons that emerge from it. It’s based on a PhD thesis by a journalist Maria Taylor, which included […]

Graeme Pearman – full review

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by Dr Graeme Pearman, former head of CSIRO Atmospheric Research We’ve known for more than 150 years that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere influence the temperature of the earth. Last century it became clear that human activities were changing the level of these gases primarily as a result of the use of fossil-fuel energy. Concern […]